BR 18/11 and BD 20/11

BR 18/11 and BD 20/11

World Class Small Walk-Behind Auto-Scrubbers

Designed from the ground up with our customer's needs in mind, the BR 18/11 and BD 20/11 small walk-behind scrubbers from Tornado® are perfect for smaller spaces and are offered in your choice of a disc or cylindrical brush for hard floor scrubbing. These small scrubbers meet rigorous global user standards for durability and productivity, offering enhanced features, benefits and a sleek look that clearly outmatches the competition.

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  • 18” cleaning path on BR unit
  • 20” cleaning path on BD unit
  • 11 gallon solution tank
  • Simple operator interface
  • Exceptionally durable rotomolded polyethylene construction
  • Low-profile sight line
  • Whisper Quiet 67 dB
  • Eco-friendly, 100% non-spill battery available
  • ModelBR 18/11BD 20/11
    Catalog Number9968599680
    Cleaning Path18 in.20 in.
    Productivity per Hour17,969 sq ft. per hr.18,830 sq. ft. per hr.
    Capacity (Solution / Recovery Tank)11 gal. / 12 gal.11 gal. / 12 gal.
    Sound Level66 dB66 dB
    Vac Motor0.6 hp0.6 hp
    Power24V battery24V battery
    Weight157 lbs.157 lbs.
    Dimensions (L x W x H)43 in. x 21 in. x 41 in.43 in. x 21 in. x 41 in.
    Tank ConstructionPolyethylenePolyethylene
    Brush Width18"20"
    Brush TypeCylindricalDisc
    Brush RPM1300 RPM350 RPM
    Brush Motor0.6 hp0.6 hp
    Brush/Pad Pressure50 lbs.50 lbs.
    Squeegee Width31"31"

    • Product Brochure – BR 18/11and BD 20/11 – English  Download PDF
    • Product Brochure – BR 18/11and BD 20/11 – Spanish  Download PDF
    • Product Brochure - BR 18/11and BD 20/11 - French  Download PDF
    • Users and Operations Manual - BR 18/11 - English-French-Spanish  Download PDF
    • Users and Operations Manual - BD 20/11 - English-French-Spanish  Download PDF
    • User and Operations Manual - BD 20/11T - English and French  Download PDF

    Catalog #DescriptionImage
    48401040 Oil Resistant - Rear Squeegee
    48405010 Standard - Rear Squeegee
    48405020 Standard - Front Squeegee
    48405040 Oil Resistant - Rear Squeegee (after serial # 10003331)
    48802010 Pad holder w/ center lock
    48802020 20" Pad Holder
    48901230 Super Soft Scrub Brush (2 required)
    48902010 Soft Scrub Brush
    48902030 Med Scrub Brush
    48902040 Grit Scrub Brush
    48902050 Soft Scrub Brush
    K57620080 Medium Scrub Brush (2 required)
    K57621700 Hi-Low Grout Brush (2 required)
    K57621710 Grit Scrub Brush (2 required)
    K57621720 Soft Scrub Brush (2 required)

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