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Be More Water-Conscious

With many parts of the country, especially in the West, facing severe water-supply issues and draught, it is important for cleaning contractors to take steps to conserve water and chemicals whenever possible. As a critical piece of facility operations, contractors can implement these simple water-saving methods when cleaning commercial facilities to generate real water savings:

  1. When cleaning carpets, take steps to use water more efficiently. A large amount of water is used in cleaning carpets. Selecting recycling and moisture-controlled carpet extractors, or low-moisture encapsulation machines can go a long way in helping reduce water consumption and waste during the carpet cleaning process.
  2. For hard floor care, choose equipment that reduces water waste. Some automatic floor scrubbers utilize cylindrical brush technology which can help to reduce water and chemical consumption by up to 30%, while provide deep-scrubbing power to restore grout or clean uneven floor surfaces.
  3. Consider earning continuing-educational credits and certification from non-profit green cleaning certification organizations such as CIMS-GB (Cleaning Industry Management Standard – Green Buildings) or the GS-42 from GreenSeal. The emphasis with both programs is to instruct facility maintenance professionals on how to use environmentally-preferred products and procedures. This training and certification will add more value to customer relationships, enabling BSCs to guide their clients to increasingly efficient and eco-friendly cleaning procedures.
  4. Consider installing low-flow, aerated faucets, hoses, and toilets to conserve on water consumption.

Praise for the Vario II

"The BR Vario II cuts down cleaning time and labor, thanks to the units ease of use and effectiveness at penetrating tough-to-clean grout lines. With the BR Vario II, we reduce scrubbing time by 50% for each job.  Being able to cut cleaning time in half allows us to dramatically increase our profits on each restoration and grout-cleaning project we perform."

Larry Kays
Operations Director
River City Building Maintenance
Richmond, VA



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