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Out of the $24 billion worth of cleaning products sold each year, 55% are for restroom or small-space cleaning

If a facility isn’t clean, or at least perceived to be clean and healthy, occupants will not frequent that facility. And when it comes to restrooms, the expectation of cleanliness escalates even higher.

Restrooms are especially challenging to clean due to their small, compact footprint. They require flexible cleaning technology to clean underneath hard-to-reach stalls or counters, and penetrate grouted surfaces often found in small bathrooms or kitchens. Cylindrical brush technology can provide the deep scrubbing power needed to clean uneven floor surfaces to restore grouted tile or clean stone, paver or low-maintenance cement floors.

Facility Facts

According to a recent article in CMM, the facility statistics below help to identify facility maintenance cleaning needs which in-house facility managers and BSCs are faced with today:

  • Approx. 71 billion square feet of commercial
    space exists
  • Half of that square footage are considered small spaces of 5,000 square feet or less
  • 5% of total commercial space is restrooms
  • $24 billion worth of cleaning products are
    sold each year
  • 55% of the $24 billion in products sold
    are for restroom cleaning
  • 50% of all work tickets and complaints
    are related to restroom hygiene.

Equipment Solutions

  • BR Vario II
    Restores grouted bathroom tile in less time!
  • BD 14/4 Compact Scrubber
    Scrubs compact areas
  • BD 17/6 Compact Scrubber
    Scrubs hard-to-reach areas with 180 degree rotating squeegee
  • BR 18/11 MW Compact Scrubber
    Penetrates grouted tile


The BD 17/6 Compact Cordless
Automatic Scrubber

Learn more about this unique, world-class scrubber delivering versatility and enhanced productivity.

Feature Products
Tornado's facility cleaning solutions include:

BR 18/11 Walk-Behind Auto-Scrubber

Learn More


BD 14/4
Automatic Scrubber

Learn More


BR 13/1 MW
Automatic Scrubber

Learn More

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