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Ten Rules for Selecting
Floor Care Finishes

While it’s true that some facility managers now forego having a finish applied to their floors in an effort to save money, time, and reduce waste, this strategy does not work in many properties. A dull, unfinished floor simply does not provide the look that many properties want, nor does it provide the protective coating that serves to protect the floor itself.

If skipping floor finish isn’t an option, how can facility providers and housekeepers select finishes and other floor care products that deliver quality and value? The following rules should help guide the way.

Selecting the Right Floor Machine

While automatic scrubbers come in many designs, there are a few key factors that you should take into consideration when selecting a floor machine for your property:

  • The noise level the machine produces. Some systems are louder than others, which can prove very disturbing for patrons at your property.
  • A cordless machine means no tripping on cords. These machines are also more maneuverable and flexible, which means improved worker productivity. Some machines also have AGM batteries, which are considered more eco-friendly.
  • A medium-sized machine should be able to cover about 16,000 square feet an hour.
  • A system with an advanced water-recovery system will help floors dry as quickly as possible.
  • Easily accessible tanks and batteries improve worker productivity.
  • Ask distributors about service availability before making an equipment selection. You should not have to endure a long wait to have your equipment serviced.

It is also important to select an automatic scrubber that is easy to learn to use. This reduces costs, minimizes mistakes, and produces the high-quality results most properties want for their floors.



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