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Caring for Rubberized Flooring

When it comes to maintaining rubberized, shock-absorbing sports flooring used in many schools, universities, fitness clubs and arenas, it is important to follow proper cleaning and maintenance procedures recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the warranty is not voided.

Cleaning productivity and quick turn-times are critical in these types of facilities due to heavy usage requirements. That’s why you should consider a cylindrical brush scrubber to boost cleaning productivity and reduce labor expenses. When using a cylindrical brush technology, you can say good-bye to a mop and bucket, while boosting profits and reducing labor costs. Plus the flexibility of our sealed, maintenance free battery options eliminates the hazard of a cord and can help to increase cleaning time when cleaning rubberized floors, too!



Caring for Rubberized Flooring

Many flooring manufacturers recommend the use of cylindrical brush technology to properly maintain sports floors. Rolled-rubber sports floors are durable and perfect for ball courts, jogging tracks, or heavy-traffic areas, and these surfaces must be cleaned regularly. The benefits of cylindrical brush scrubbing on sports floors include:

  • Low-moisture cleaning with solution atomization that is immediately picked up by the vacuum, leaving floors clean and dry in no time.
  • Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that penetrate uneven floor surfaces like rubberized flooring
  • Cylindrical brushes offer 4-6 times more contact pressure than disc machines to dig-down in between crevices to remove dirt and particles
  • Brush speeds of 650 rpms—over three times higher than the speed of rotary brush machines for a deeper clean
  • Low noise-levels under 70 decibels, ideal for cleaning LEED buildings or noise-sensitive facilities such as schools, universities and more.


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