Tornado® Tech Talk

Wet Entryways to Clean?
by Daniel Frimml

Throughout the summer and fall, entry mats are vacuumed and cleaned efficiently with the use of upright carpet vacuums, which are designed for dry applications. However, as winter arrives, snow and moisture can accumulate on entry mats to create a slushy, damp mess that is hard to clean and vacuum. Vacuuming wet mats with a upright carpet vacuum can create cleaning challenges, not to mention potentially serious equipment maintenance and repair issues that will cost you valuable time and money.

It is important to remember that upright carpet vacuums and backpack vacuums are not designed for wet applications. If you follow these easy tips below, you’ll improve entry-way cleaning during the winter months and ensure the safety of building occupants:

  • Be sure to educate your staff on the appropriate use of dry vacuums versus wet-dry vacuums;
  • If entry mats are wet and slushy, use a wet-dry vacuum such as the Tornado® P-15 or S-15 when cleaning;
  • Position an air-mover/dryer such as the Windshear™ 3000, next to building entrances or exits to dry surfaces quickly and prevent slips and falls.
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