Deuter® and Tornado® . . . The Perfect Marriage

While the amount of suction or CFM a vacuum produces is meaningless if worker productivity is compromised, most competitive backpack vacuums on the market today fail when it comes to operator comfort. Partnering with Deuter, the world leader in hiking and mountain climbing backpacks, Tornado has finally made backpack vacuuming practical. The marriage of Tornado’s innovative vacuum technology with Deuter’s state-of-the-art harness, results in a unit we’re confident you’ll agree is the most comfortable backpack vacuum on the market today!

The Deuter Difference: Game-Changing Comfort

One of the world’s iconic brands, Deuter has been in the hiking backpack business since 1898 serving world-class athletes and recreational users. From a humble beginning over a hundred years ago supplying the Royal Bavarian Post Office with postage bags and mail sacks, Deuter has grown to become the number one backpack company in the world. Dedicated to producing technically advanced products, Deuter backpacks and harnesses are renowned for their durability and comfort.

Working together with professional athletes, mountaineers, and mountain guide associations, Deuter engineers approach their assignments with passion and enthusiasm, developing products that have revolutionized the hiking and mountaineering industry over the years. The commitment and expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Deuter products regularly winning awards and 5 star reviews around the world, like Outside Magazine, which named Deuter “Gear of the Year”, and have written “They’re the Cadillac of multi-day packs with cushy hip belts, shoulder straps, and a slew of smart features.”

The Aircomfort System

Standard backpack vacuums encounter heat buildup at the back of the operator, which can cause discomfort and decrease cleaning productivity. The specially designed and patented Aircomfort System from Deuter keeps a layer of air between the operator and machine on Tornado’s Pac-Vac® Series. Independent testing of Deuter’s famous Aircomfort harness has proven its effectiveness at reducing wearer perspiration by up to 25%, positively impacting the operator’s body temperature over standard closed back systems. Deuter products have earned coveted TUV certification, with Aspen Times saying “Aircomfort makes Deuter the leader of the pack, with a discernible gain in wearer comfort.”

There is a science to fit and comfort!

The Deuter Aircomfort harness system on Tornado’s Pac-Vac 6 and 10 Aircomfort Series offers five unique adjustments ensuring a secure, cool, and individualized fit. Statistics show that a large percentage of housekeepers are women, yet most backpack vacuums take a one size fits all approach. Recognizing differences in men and women’s bodies, the Vari-Quick System allows the operator to easily adjust everything from the back length of the harness to the Vari-Flex hip belt, ensuring the perfect fit and comfort combination.

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