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Case Study: Columbia Public School District Winners of 2011 and 2012 National Green Cleaning Awards

The district switched from disc automatic scrubbers to Tornado’s BR 18/11 cylindrical brush scrubbers to improve cleaning productivity, the health and safety of front-line workers and occupants, and reduce water and chemical usage. Since doing so, Mike Jones, Assistant Director of Custodial Services comments, “The Tornado® BR 18/11 has increased our cleaning productivity, plus our cleaning costs have gone down since we’ve eliminated the use of disc pads.”




It's A Game-Changer!

The NEW Pac-Vac™ 6 and 10 Aircomfort

Partnering with Deuter, the world leader in hiking and mountain climbing backpacks, Tornado has finally made backpack vacuuming practical. The marriage of Tornado’s innovative vacuum technology with Deuter’s state-of-the-art harness, results in a unit we’re confident you’ll agree is the most comfortable backpack vacuum on the market today!

See the BR Vario II in Action

"The BR Vario II cuts down cleaning time and labor, thanks to the units ease of use and effectiveness at penetrating tough-to-clean grout lines. With the BR Vario II, we reduce scrubbing time by 50% for each job. Being able to cut cleaning time in half allows us to dramatically increase our profits on each restoration and grout-cleaning project we perform."

Larry Kays
Operations Director

River City Building Maintenance, Richmond, VA

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NEW Pac-Vac® 6 and 10 Aircomfort

The marriage of Tornado’s innovative vacuum technology with Deuter’s state-of-the-art harness.

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Marathon 350
Carpet Spotter

Perfect for cleaning auto interiors and for spot cleaning office areas and retail sales floors.

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BR Vario II Low- Moisture Scrubber

Compact and eco-friendly, and utilizing cutting-edge brush technology to tackle floor surfaces.

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Visit our sister company, CFR Corporation

CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high performance specialty tools with innovative patented technology that is radically different from other cleaning systems. Perfect for LEED certified buildings, CFR is Faster, Cleaner and Greener than other extractors on the market today.
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