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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls when Stripping Floors
by Daniel Frimml

If you strip floors in your facility on a regular basis, you are probably familiar with common pit falls that can occur during this process. The technical tips listed below are designed to help you avoid common equipment challenges when using a wet-dry vacuum:

Technical Tips:

1. When using a wet-dry vacuum to recover stripper from floors, be sure to clean stripper from the wet-dry solution tank thoroughly, making sure that no stripper remains;

2. Wash the float and float cage well after use, making sure the float moves freely before operating again;

3. Note that it is also important to make sure the float is installed correctly after changing a vacuum motor. Remember that the open end always goes down.

Warning: if you do not clean the float cage well, you run the risk burning up the vacuum motor due to the float being stuck to the bottom of the cage, allowing water to breach the vacuum motor.

Stripping Floors 101:

  • Lay stripper with a mop;
  • Agitate the floor stripper with a floor machine;
  • Recover stripper with a wet-dry vacuum;
  • Let the floor dry thoroughly;
  • Apply wax;
  • Buff the waxed floors with a high-speed or automatic scrubber.

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