February Cleaning Tips:
By Mike Schaffer - President, Tornado Industries

A Word Concerning Mops

While most larger users have transitioned to flat mops and microfibers, many facilities are still using string mops, which were an industry staple for many years. Recognizing that string mops are still used by lots of facilities, it is important to remember a few facts about their use. First and foremost it is important to keep in mind that using the wrong mop or a heavily soiled mop can actually be detrimental to the floor, causing you to scrub and recoat or even have to strip the floor much sooner than you otherwise would need to. It is also particularly important to make sure the correct mop is selected when refinishing floors.

What needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a mop? Follow these easy steps below:

1) First, it is always a good idea to start with a clean, fresh mop. When it comes to laying finish, a new mop is the safest bet.

2) Next, before beginning to work, rinse your mops two or more times. Some manufacturers apply a coating to mops during the manufacturing process, and this should be rinsed away before work begins.

3) Be sure to designate and isolate your “finish” mops--meaning they are only used to apply finish—you’re your cleaning/rinsing mop. Be careful never to switch the two.

4) Since some mops are more prone to capturing and then spreading lint on floors during the cleaning/refinishing process, choosing a mop made of the proper materials is also important. Rayon mops tend to collect and spread less lint, so they are a good choice for these kinds of tasks.

5) As most cleaning professionals know, it is very important to apply floor finish in thin coats. While a conventional string type mop is frequently used for this task, microfiber flat mops generally achieve much better finish coat applications than traditional style mops. Another major benefit to choosing newer, flat mop technology is the ease with which they can be cleaned.

6) Finally, do not hesitate to change mops frequently during the course of a stripping and refinishing project. Taking this extra step does of course add time to the job and therefore cuts into worker productivity. However, as mops are used, they can quickly become soiled, which can cause the floors to darken or look uneven, among other problems. Using clean mops will help to eliminate these issues. A clean mop also uses water and chemicals more efficiently, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

Bottom-line, when it comes to floor care, selecting, using and caring for your mops properly is one of the keys to achieving desired appearance levels.





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