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Burnishing for a Glossy Finish
by Daniel Frimml

To Burnish or Buff?

How are you treating your floors this winter season? With the winter season comes the challenge of keeping your floors looking their best. The chemicals used to keep entryways safe can really do a number on your floors. This becomes even harder if you are using the wrong machine for the job.

High-Speed vs. Low-Speed?

High speed burnishers are used for spray buffing, dry buffing, and burnishing hard floors. These units range from 17 to 28 inches and from 1000 to 2500 RPM. These are the machines that are used to maintain the glossy look on many floors.

Slower speed buffers are normally used for daily polishing, stripping, scrubbing, and sanding wood floors. They can also be used with a bonnet on carpeting. These units are available in 17 or 20-inch models and run at 175 RPM. Be sure to stay tuned in future newsletters for more information on matching disc pads to specific cleaning applications!

Burnishing for a Glossy Finish

If a glossy finish is preferred, then you’ll use a high-speed burnisher and follow these simple steps below:

1. Prepare the area for burnishing by moving any furniture or objects out of the way.

2. Place “Floor Hazard” signs in high-traffic areas for safety.

3. Dust mop the floor with a flat or microfiber mop.

4. Damp mop the floor, if necessary.

5. Using a high-speed floor machine with a burnishing pad, burnish the floor area:

  1. Starting along the baseboards at the farthest corner from the entrance of the room;

  2. Begin moving from one end of the room to the next in a straight line, slightly overlapping the line (front to back);
6. After burnishing the entire area, use a clean, treated flat or microfiber mop top pick up any dust left from the burnishing operation.

7. Clean the equipment used and store supplies and equipment.

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