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The BR Vario II - A Powerhouse

The BR Vario cylindrical brush floor machine that revolutionized floor care several years ago now has a brother, the BR Vario II.

Like the original, Vario II is also cylindrical, which means it uses two counter rotating brushes—not rotary pads—to strip, clean, scrub, and polish floors.  The brushes can reach deep into floor grout, removing ugly soil that is impossible to reach with a rotary pad.  Because of this, users find cylindrical brush floor machines particularly good at cleaning not only tile and grout floors, but also difficult to clean floors, such as rubber, uneven, cement, paver bricks, and other types of flooring.  

The Vario II, like its older brother, is also environmentally responsible.  It uses less chemical and water than a conventional rotary floor machine, which also means floors dry faster, and the brushes can be used up to 100 times before needing to be replaced.

Still, this lightweight machine is a powerhouse.  It generates more rpms—a full 650 rpms of cleaning power—than the original Vario so it can face the toughest floor care challenges.  And, it has its own solution tank right on top for more effective cleaning and improved worker productivity.

But, not everything has changed.  The Vario II, just like the original Vario, has a folding handle so it can be easily transported and stored.  It has six times the floor contact pressure of a typical rotary machine for more effective cleaning.  And, because both machines are square, not round, slurry and soil are never sprayed on your customers’ walls or furniture and edge and corner cleaning is a breeze.


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