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Caring for Automatic Scrubber Batteries
by Daniel Frimml

Does it seem like your scrubber is not running as long as it used to? There is a high probability that the problem is the batteries. To get the maximum life out of your batteries, they need to be maintained properly.

One of the worst things that can happen to a battery is for it to be discharged too far. To protect against this, almost all of Tornado’s battery powered units have an electronic low-battery cut-out that prevents this from happening.

Basic and routine battery maintenance should include the following:

  • Check the water level, if applicable;

  • Check cables and connectors for cleanliness and to make sure they are tight.

  • Sealed batteries are commonly called maintenance-free batteries, and as far as the battery is concerned, it is maintenance free. However, you still need to maintain the connections and cables.

  • Never leave deep-cycle batteries in a unit that will not be used for extended periods of time, without placing them on charge occasionally. All batteries will self-discharge over time and it is important to keep them maintained.

  • Keep you batteries and battery operated equipment away from heat sources while storing them. High heat kills batteries.

  • And, remember to always wear safety glasses when servicing batteries.

When it comes to deep-cycle batteries, the best advice is to remember that keeping them in top condition will save you big dollars in the long run!

For further questions on battery maintenance, please call Tornado Technical Service.

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