October Cleaning Tips:
By Mike Schaffer - President, Tornado Industries

Vacuuming Tips:
Improve Vacuuming Performance,
Safety, and the Look of Carpets

Everyone knows how to vacuum carpets, right? But do they know how to do it properly? The following vacuum cleaning tips should help improve vacuuming performance, safety, and the look of carpets:

  • First, walk the room. Pick up pieces of debris that might harm the machine. Getting them out of the way ahead of time also helps improve worker productivity.

  • Visually “section” the room. Not every part of a room must be vacuumed every visit. Pay close attention to heavily trafficked areas, and spend less time on areas that get little wear.

  • Before beginning to vacuum, make sure you are holding the handle firmly and properly. Some handles are ergonomically designed, which allows users to hold them in multiple hand positions. Select the grip that fits you to help minimize fatigue and prevent injury.

  • If the machine has onboard tools, make sure they are readily available. Stopping vacuuming to get the tools slows down worker productivity.

  • The number of “passes” that should be made over a carpet can vary. Heavily trafficked areas generally need more than other areas.

  • When done vacuuming for the day, check the machine’s filter bag. It should be replaced when it is three-quarters full. Also check the roller brush and the HEPA filter to make sure debris and lint have not gathered. Doing this at the end of the job ensures the machine is ready to go for its next use.



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