The Tornado Watch

Solutions and Innovations from the Experts at Tornado
October 2010

Carpet Care:
Defoamer 101
by Daniel Frimml

Defoamer is a concentrated, water-based emulsion formulated to eliminate foam in liquid recovery systems . . .
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Fall in Love with a Buffer -
The Trouble-free Workhorse

There is usually only one machine cleaning contractors actually love, and that’s their buffer.
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Should a Backpack Vacuum be Worn Like
a Glove?
by Michael Schaffer

Users should take steps to ensure a Backpack vacum machine is worn properly.
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P Series Glazer High-Speed
NEW BD 26/27 Ride-on Scrubber
CK 14/1 QD Vacuum
with HEPA
NEW BD 26/26 Automatic 
Walk-behind Scrubber

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