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June 2010

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Vacuum Clogged?
Here's An Easy Fix!

Find yourself with a CV 30/38 that won't turn on? Here are some tips for fixing your clogged vacuum in two easy steps.
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Get the Job Done Economically and Efficiently with the
CK LW 13/1

As cleaning professionals, if there is one thing we have learned from the recent recession it is to focus on the basics.
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Tips on Carpet Care:
When Vacuuming,
How Many Passes?
by Michael Schaffer

How many passes over the same carpeted area will sufficiently remove dust, grit, and soils?
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CK LW 13/1 Lightweight Vacuum with HEPA
CV 30 Upright Vacuum
with HEPA
BD 14/4 Compact
Automatic Scrubber
BD 26/26 Walk-Behind
Automatic Scrubber

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