We Listened and You’ve Got It

Tornado’s PV6 Pac-Vac® backpack vacuum cleaners have been popular since the day they were introduced. That’s because these machines are powerful, comfortable to use, quiet, HEPA filtered, and, at just 11 pounds, among the lightest backpacks on the market today.

But our end customers said they wanted more…more capacity to help improve worker productivity. Now they’ve got it. Tornado introduces the PV10, the 10-quart copy of our original machine for longer work times and improved worker productivity. And, although it may be hard to believe, the PV10 weighs no more than the original machine.

That’s because the PV10 is also made of lightweight injection-molded polyethylene that helps prevent heat transfer from the motor to the operator’s back. This, along with its heavy-duty nylon-padded shoulder straps, makes the machine more comfortable to wear.

And take a look inside to see that the PV10, just like its little brother, is also a true-HEPA machine. This means it has a HEPA-filtered exhaust—trapping more than 99.9 percent of all contaminants, preventing them from becoming airborne and helping to protect indoor air quality—and the machine is airtight so no impurities can escape from its casing.

The PV10 is powered by a superquiet, 1.9 hp vac motor that generates 90 inches of lift and airflow of 120 cfm—more than enough to tackle virtually any cleaning task. And, along with being quiet, light, and powerful, the PV10 is also ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort. It works with the user, improving productivity and safety and minimizing worker fatigue.

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