Air Jumbo Systems for Industrial Cleaning

Over the past 20 years, the professional cleaning industry has developed several methods—Zone Cleaning, Specialist Cleaning, Day Cleaning, and others—to help improve productivity, efficiency, and quality. Most of these systems are for use specifically for certain sectors such as educational facilities or general office areas.

However, when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of large industrial facilities, there are no set systems. Instead, most factories, metal shops, and warehouses develop their own cleaning methods.

Furthermore, many industrial cleaning managers do not use—or are unaware of—new, more efficient cleaning equipment that is now available to help facilitate maintenance operations in large industrial settings. Consider, for example, the following:


Often wet/dry shop vacs, which can be purchased from local building supply companies or “big-box” retailers, are used to clean industrial floors. However, these shop vacuums were designed more for household use, or possibly for light industrial cleaning. They were never made to tackle the heavy-duty cleaning needs of an industrial setting.

And because these machines were not developed for such grueling applications as cleaning factories or assembly lines, they are frequently tossed in the trash after just a few months of service, making them a costly investment.

Tornado’s Wet-Dry Air Jumbos are a more reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and powerful option for large industrial facilities. Powered by compressed air, these vacuums are made for rapid, high-power pickup and have waterlift (a measurement in inches of a vacuum’s strength produced by the suction motor) that is substantially beyond that found in traditional wet/dry vacuums.

In some settings, Air Jumbos are used to clean small items such as tools and factory machinery, but they are also able to remove bulk fly ash, refractory slag, cooling fluids, metal chips, grease, and other soils.

The Air Jumbos deposit the waste they collect into large attached steel drums that fit on a dolly for easy transport. The 55-gallon drums are “ribbed” with a drain valve for convenient removal of liquids. Ribbed drums tend to be more durable and usually have greater capacity than traditional plastic or stainless steel tanks.

Jumbo Stats

On Air Jumbos the powerhead sits on the drum’s top. The powerhead is an air compressor system with poly bags attached for recovery and containment of such materials as metal shavings, sand, sawdust, and chips. The machines come in three models producing a minimum of 15, 25, or 50 horsepower.

Yet even knowing the horsepower, evaluating pickup power can get tricky. Many manufacturers use waterlift as the primary measure of effectiveness and power. In heavy industrial applications some vacs may lack sufficient airflow. The Air Jumbos’ waterlift, however, ranges from 200 inches to 242 inches.

A vacuum’s cubic feet per minute (cfm) tells the true story of the machine’s power and capability for bulk recovery. The higher the cfm, the faster the recovered material will travel through the hose, improving worker productivity tremendously. The Air Jumbos can operate at 30 to 100 pounds per square inch (psi), creating 82 to 258 cfm.

These systems also have an assortment of attachments and tools to meet different cleaning needs. Among these are wands, hoses, squeegees, crevice and dusting tools, and attachments specifically made for carpet and hard-surface floor cleaning.

A Capital Investment—for People

Once they have tried them, many factory managers view industrial vacuum systems as a capital investment rather than an expense because they help keep their facilities functioning at maximum capacity. And the importance of a clean, well-maintained industrial environment should never be underestimated. Not only is it safer and healthier for workers, but it also helps boost employee morale, an important component in any work environment.

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