August Cleaning Tip:
By Mike Schaffer - President, Tornado Industries

Keeping Industrial Floors Looking Their Best

The look of a factory or industrial setting can have a big impact on workers and the work they produce. A clean, well-organized plant floor says “quality” to both workers and visitors and often translates into greater care for and attention to the products being manufactured.

Here are five tips to help keep industrial floors looking their best so that they can spell quality in your facility or your customer’s facility:

  • Have a plan. Floor maintenance works best when the duties, frequency of tasks, and other services necessary to maintain the floor have been outlined and written down. Everyone involved in floor maintenance should be aware of and be a part of the floor-maintenance plan.
  • Have a set cleaning procedure. The floor-maintenance plan should also outline exactly how the floors are to be maintained. For instance, it should spell out what kind of equipment is to be used, when floors are to be cleaned, how often they are to be refinished, and what chemicals and products should be used to refinish them.
  • Establish expectations. The facility manager should determine how much will be invested in floor maintenance. In other words, what is the floor worth? This will help determine the equipment, labor, and amount of time necessary to maintain the floor.
  • Keep the area clean. Regular maintenance, including placing mats at entries, vacuuming them regularly, and maintaining the outside entries by removing oily soils on sidewalks and in parking lots, helps keep industrial floors clean. In addition, all building lobbies and entries should be dust mopped, mopped, and cleaned daily.
  • Invest in high-efficiency equipment. More advanced floorcare equipment, such as scrubbers, air jumbo vacuums, burnishers, and rotary and cylindrical machines, can significantly reduce the time needed to care for floors. In many situations, the cost savings on labor will pay for the machines in just a few months.




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